Iceland; Reykjavik, Aug 21 2010

Cool corner store in Iceland.


A nice waterside neighbourhood on the west side of Reykjavik


View of Reykjavik from Perlan


View of Reykjavik from Perlan


A wide variety of Icelandic Beer. I liked the Freyja the best.


Icelandic and Mexican food. With Whale Steak!


A new concert hall for Reykjavik


Casey Norman is not in the marathon


Neat Icelandic Man hole cover


Reykjavik street scene.
Leif Norman relaxes with a good soak at Vesturbæjarlaug


At a party at Icelandic Artist, Sara Riel’s house in Reykjavik


The streets of Reykjavik are hopping during the last weekend of August. Cultural Festival




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