Iceland; Gullfoss, Geysir, Þingvellir

Photos by Leif and Casey Norman





All around Iceland, people left little piles of rocks.


Casey Norman, above the falls


Loads of (mostly German) tourists


On a cliff high above Gullfoss


Litli-Geysir bubbles merrily. The BIG geysir was dormant.



Someone ELSE is named Leif? In Iceland?


Amazing Icelandic landscape


Casey, high above the geysers


An interesting Icelandic flower


Strokkur Geyser. (The "real original" Geyser had gone to sleep)


After the hot water goes spewing into the air, it comes back down and washes around. The minerals gradually deposit into these interesting patterns.




Þingvellir; where the land travels in opposite directions.



Þingvellir, Iceland



Leif and Mom. photo by Casey Norman


Leif does some climbing


Photography and mountaineering! photo by Casey Norman


Leif Norman tells you about the geysers.

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