Iceland; Ísafjörður to Hvammstangi, Aug 25 2010

Driving east from Ísafjörður is the windy highway 61. I wish we had a Ferrari but we only had a Prius.

Still, it was thrilling. The Manitoba roads we were used to are pathetic.

Flat. Straight. Flat and straight for hundreds of miles. The roads in Iceland can’t go 100 feet without a dip and a curve.

Casey by a huge Icelandic waterfall. We picked many Blueberries as they were ubiquitous.


Rjúkandi Waterfall


Another amazing Icelandic waterfall.


South East of Ísafjörður on Highway 61 is this little museum that serves coffee and waffles. One of the places I must return to in Iceland.





Leif, Casey and Linda Norman stop for Coffee, Waffles and Blueberry and raisin Jam. Amazing!


A stuffed Arctic Fox. One of the few Icelandic Mammals.



A sturdy Icelandic Farm Wall



The thermal pool at Reykjanes, (Reykjaneslaug) built around 1925 – 27.

Reykjanes is a place in Iceland that had so much hot water that it had no cold water at all. So they had to cool down the hot water just to have cold water to drink.


This is an old school in Reykjanes. It is now being converted to a Hotel and vacation spot



When the abundance of hot water comes splooshing out of the geothermal hotness under the earth, it hits the cold ocean and steams.


The beach is full of Coral. Coral in Iceland!



Interesting rocks by Reykjanes


The old pool at Reykjanes was built in 1889 from concrete. Before that it was made of turf. Since 1830 it was used to teach swimming.


seals in Iceland


Interesting rocks in Iceland


Casey Norman on an Icelandic Highway


At the corner of highway 61 and 608 stands this rescue hut.


Colourful Icelandic lichen on a rock


Casey and Leif Norman in an Icelandic Rescue Hut


Outside an Icelandic Emergency Rescue Safety Winter Storm Hut


Some parts of Iceland look like another planet



Ocean Driftwood in Iceland


Jellyfish on the beach at Hólmavík, Iceland



Macro Jellyfish photo, Iceland


Icelandic Horse in the Sunset near Hvammstangi




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