“Ice it to Work Day” Feb 15 2013

From the Metro News website;


“Winnipeggers are encouraged to leave their cars at home this Friday and instead take the river trail to work for the second annual “Ice It To Work Day”.

Commuters can skate, ski, snowshoe, bike, run or walk along the trail, which will have seven pit stops set up with fire pits and hot chocolate to warm up with, and giveaways, prizes and a few surprises along the way.

“A lot of people use the trail already to commute, it’s just sort of a chance to say ‘yay for you’ to those who do, and a chance to get others out on the river as well,” explained event spokesperson Karen Mott.

The river trail runs from Churchill Drive on the Red River all the way to the Hugo Street Docks on the Assiniboine River and “Ice It To Work Day” activities will go from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.”

from The Forks website;


ICE IT TO WORK DAY February 15 | 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

“Join us on the ICE on the River Trail and skate, ski, snowshoe, bike, run or walk TO WORK!

Be a part of the second annual “Ice It To Work” Day on the River Trail – the Guinness World Record’s longest naturally frozen skating trail!
Energize yourself along the way at one of the “Pit Stops”! Experience the allure of the trail in the early morning hours – this picturesque commute along the Assiniboine and Red Rivers is an exceptional Winnipeg way to start your day. The first 100 commuters to stop by any of the hosted Pit Stops will receive special surprises and gifts.”

A nice cozy campfire at The Forks, Winnipeg



Lindsay Hamel heads out on the river on cross country skis



Isaac Girardin, Winnipeg Fire Juggler, Eater, Breather, Spinner



Isaac does an impression of the Golden Boy


Isaac blasts an apocalyptic looking fireball


Jogging on the frozen River



Hot chocolate warms up the morning commuters at Ice it to Work Day, Feb 15 2013, Winnipeg


The Voyageurs showed up with some very long rifles, Winnipeg



Voyageur gear; knife, rifle, satchel



Voyageur Rifle Drill



Ice it to Work Day, Winnipeg, 2013


The Voyageurs from St Boniface fire a six gun salute to the sunrise, 7:38 am. A mighty Muzzle blast!




Sparks fly from the flint lock rifle






Winter biking in Winnipeg



It takes some tough bicycles to survive a Winnipeg winter


It was only -18 °C but It felt particularly cold this Feb 15 2013. 2012 was a bit milder.


Maple Syrup on Ice! A Festival de Voyageur specialty



Skates or boots on the ice


Jacqueline Lavack in her finest Voyageur Winter gear










The Actif Epica Yeti was a little chilly



the Actif Epica Yeti



The Forks River Trails


The Red River is frozen solid





Green Action Centre at Ice it to Work Day Feb 2013




Take your dog for a skate on the ice!



Lace up the skates!



The Kubota RTV1100 4×4 pumped out the tunes for everyone



Cross Country Skiing on the frozen Assiniboine River


Andy unloads the sound system, The Forks, Winnipeg


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