hutK furniture and design, Dec 3 2011


 Modern. Cool. Retail. Design.

74 Princess street, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

(there is a funky new furniture store in Winnipeg’s Exchange)

(is hip the new funky? is cool the new hip?)

Not quite open yet, but open for a preview of some excellent decor and design.

Dane Kofoed plans to bring some fresh air to your dwelling.

blu dot Tom Dixon DESIGN HOUSE Stockholm BEN SEN Wood Anchor
real good chair by blu dot





it's not really purple, i added the purple, it makes the yellow lamp really jump


I vote for this to be an iconic Winnipeg photograph


nice aggregate flooring from either the 1950's or the 1890's



It was snowing upwards outside


Dane Kofoed



still working on the chair wall


Stockholm Design House




there used to be a door in this brick wall




blu dot side table in yellow


the old victorian windows have been replaced





rug made from wrapped and bound newspapers from around the world. Re use!




awesome cast glass light bulb light



this office used to be Little Grand Rapids Education Authority and was most recently a copy shop


the design and decor found next door at the Goodwill store offers the Yin to Dane's Yang

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