Holidaze: Annual Craft Show, December 7 2012

Friday, Dec. 7/ 12-9pm AND Saturday, Dec. 8/ 10-5pm

75  Albert street

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The Holidaze Craft Show is back again this year to keep you fine and funky,

local and luscious!

Winnipegs’ hottest designer/artisans have hip gear for your cherished souls!

Many you’ve come to know and love, many new ones to be discovered!

Make sure you’re the coolest gift-giver this year!

Shop The 9th Annual Holidaze Craft Show!

This years’ uber stylin’ Artisans are:

Kelly Ruth Clothing- Kelly Ruth

Small Bird Designs: jewelry by Kathryn Mackenzie and Dale Missyabit

Flatlanders Soap Company- Sarah Fox

Lennard Taylor Clothiers- Lennard Taylor

Shine Glassworks- Brooke Drabot

Shine Glassworks-Ryan Lacovetsky

Aurora Farms Goat milk and Alpaca wool products- Louise May

Karen Taylor Fine Art Porcelain- Karen Taylor

aeliosdesign Jewelry- Katerina Pappas

Shiver Soap- Sheila Terra

Dead Betty’s- Camille Metcalfe

Felted Toys- The D’zamas

Bells and Tarot- Barbara Balfour and Carolyn Hoople-Creed

Hoshii Designs- Deborah Hosaki

C.J. Tennant Jewelry- C.J. Tennant

Mama Pacha Herbals- Tara Garcia

Jewelry Travel Bags- Alison Lund

Beeswax Candles- Alison Doerksen

Honey Bee Designs Screen Printing-Katie Norberg

Prairie Peasant hand-bound journals/fabric coiled baskets and mats- Laura Dyck

Julrei- Julie Reitz

Fibre Seedling Jewelry- Cailtin Spicer

Clear Energy Glass- Jolanta Sokalska

C.J. Tennant Jewelry

Natasha Halayda- Stuff For Kids

Boomerang Designs- Kylie Stomp

Dancing Bear Clothier- Caroline Thibault

Roy Liang- mitts, wallets, home accents

Little Travelers- beaded dolls- South Africa AIDS initiative

Wooden teethers-Carson Hill

A ‘one-stop-shop’ for everyone on your list, wouldn’t you agree?

Holidaze Craft Show, Winnipeg

 Here are some quick iPhone photos to promote the local heroes!




Firewood Designs, Winnipeg


Funky Winnipeg buttons and Badges by Firewood



Fine art Porcelain by Karen Taylor



Giant poofy pillows by Natasha Halayda



Deer Antler rings by small bird, Winnipeg






Polymer Clay hair pins by julrei



Nifty metal and bead jewelry by julrei, Winnipeg



A travel bag for your rings and jewelry, the bag lady





Bike Screen print by boomerang 360, Winnipeg





Clear Energy glass studio, Winnipeg




fashions by Kelly Ruth


Leonard Taylor fashions, Winnipeg



Hardwood rings by Salvaged Earth Designs





Cameo earrings by Honey Beejoux


Felted Animals by Dzama Art



Felted bars of soap, Flatlanders Soap Co.





Little animal candles by Barletta Beeswax







super body care products by Mama Pacha



Necklaces by CJ Tennant






Wild glass necklass by Brook Drabot, Winnipeg


Little glass eggs in a little glass nest, Brook Drabot





slightly naughty soap, Shiver Soaps




Guinness Beer soap




Nice bubbles and swirls on top of the soap


Regalia Jewelry Design, Alexandra Tumanov







Dancing Bears Hemp Co.



Prairie Peasant Books. Old maps and hardcovers made into journals.







Shine Glassworks, Winnipeg




Apple Sage Jelly and Savoury Strawberry Jams by camille metcalfe






Goat milk soap by Aurora Farms, St Norbert, Manitoba





Amazing decorated boots by Laura Porath


Rachael Kroeker Ceramics and feather earrings



aelio design, hand crafted eco luxury jewelry





Little fortune cookie earrings by hoshii designs, Winnipeg






Drawings and paintings by Jeff N.



handmade bell ornaments by Barbara Balfour



Local funny comic guy; LEX



The infamous Jeff from Woodlands Manitoba




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