Half Pints Brewery tour, March 22 2012

Once again, Sarah Zaharia (and Tim Hoover) and I find ourselves in an atmosphere of food perfection.

This time the food is beer!

Nicole of Half Pints gave us a super tour of where the magic happens.

Half Pints Brewing Company

550 Roseberry street, Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

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From the Half Pints Website:

“How we brew our beer:
At Half Pints, we brew beer using four basic ingredients: barley malt, water, hops, and yeast. This may sound like a simple approach, but given the combinations of available ingredients, we can literally make thousands of different beer styles and flavours. The size of each batch we make is roughly 1000 liters.

Brewmaster David Rudge starts his day by grinding malted barley in the two roller grain mill. This grist is transported by auger to the brewhouse where it is mixed with hot brewing liquor (water) to form a mash. The mash looks almost like a 200 kilogram bowl of porridge, and once mixed it will sit undisturbed for approximately an hour. During this hour, enzymes in the barley malt will transform the starches into sugars, which later in the process we will ferment into alcohol.

After the mash is done, the liquid portion of the mash is pumped over to the brew kettle. This takes about an hour, during which the mash is sprayed with hot brewing liquor (a process called sparging) to rinse.”

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Beer Parking



Half Pints Brewing Co. Winnipeg




Nicole of Half Pints



A collection of Half Pints’ old bottles




This is where the beer is made


Tim Hoover is a true Canadian



Malt for beer making


Beer Barley Malt can be roasted so it takes on a darker colour and flavour


Whole Chocolate Malt





making beer involves a lot of complicated looking pipes and tanks





Beer making kettle




Brewing beer makes carbon dioxide which bubbles vigorously




Samples of beer making Hops


3000 litre tanks for making beer


Little Scrapper IPA from Half Pints, my favourite beer, is in this tank!




many kegs of beer





One hundred bottles of beer on the wall





This is what a Canadian small brewery looks like




Bottles waiting to be filled



the beer bottling machine


Abstract Industrial Art (it’s actually the surface of the beer trolley)





old fashioned beer made in old fashioned casks



beer factory




Nicole arranged a lovely picnic outside


Sarah got a picture of the photographer, Leif Norman



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