Gimli in the Winter, Jan 11 2015

A day trip up to Gimli, Manitoba in the middle of winter to visit the frozen lake.

Almost everything was shot through Hipstamatic and the iPhone 5S.

Shorepointe Village Forest, Gimli Manitoba


Our Condo Apartment at Shorepointe Village, Gimli.


Gnarly Tree



STOP in Gimli


Gimli in Winter



Gimli beach on Lake Winnipeg. The Winter season.


Lady Roberta fishing boat, Gimli


Elarose II, Gimli fishing boat


Gimli fishing boats retired for the season; beached on the frozen water.


Winter tires




Gimli Pier in Winter


The wind blows the snow like sand dunes. Strata.


Great cracks across the frozen Lake Winnipeg have frost crystals growing along the edge.


Lake Winnipeg in the winter; frozen and crunchy. Sounds like walking on styrofoam.



Icicles against the Pier, Gimli.




Pictorial Icicles


Interlake Packers Ham Garlic Sausage. Very very good.


Famous Tip Top steak spice from Gimli.


Gimli Rullupylsa. Rolled Lamb at Tip Top.


Old style small town grocery store. Tip Top in Gimli.


Best meat in the Interlake. Tip Top, Gimli.


Icelandic Flag in the window.


Arborg Bakery Vinarterta


Tip Top Foods, Gimli


After 5 minutes on the ice, my phone froze up and shut down. After warming up in the grocery store I was ready to go out on the icy Lake Winnipeg.



The frozen lake ice was about 1-2 feet thick and made creaking sounds randomly. It would go ping like hitting a small bit of metal, and boom, like hitting an empty tanker. Fantastic.


Frozen lake Winnipeg


Looks like the surface of the moon, coming in for a landing at Tranquility Base.


Frozen lake ice abstract art.


Looks like a cloud. Frozen Lake Ice macro



Bubbles frozen in ice, Lake Winnipeg.


Ice Fishing Huts, Gimli Manitoba






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