Get Caught Fishing, Travel Manitoba, June 11 2013

“Come fishing!

I’d like to formally invite you to be part of the second annual Fish Tales Media Day, June 11 in Selkirk, Manitoba.

Travel Manitoba’s Fish & Hunt Program is bringing members of the Manitoba media together for a morning of catfishing on the Red River out of Selkirk, Manitoba followed by a traditional shorelunch (of walleye, not catfish!) at Benjamin’s, also in Selkirk.

PLEASE RSVP BY June 5. Space is limited on the boats, so get your response in as soon as you can.

This is an all-inclusive trip. Boats, tackle, bait, instruction, guides, licences and lunch will be provided. Please be at the Selkirk Docks in Selkirk Park by 7:30 am.

If you’d like to set up a live remote, please let me know.

Cabela’s will be providing caps and hoodies for all anglers. Please send me your hoodie size (Mens/Womens/S/M/L/XL)

News Angle: We’re launching a new program this summer called Get Caught Fishing! Get Caught Fishing! awards prizes to Manitobans who get caught catching (or trying to catch) fish in the province this summer. The goal is to raise the profile of recreational fishing in Manitoba focusing on accessibility, diversity and conservation. There are two ways to win. Instant prizes will be awarded by our Fishing Ambassadors in Gimli, Selkirk, Lockport and at The Forks in Winnipeg. To qualify for some fabulous prizes, upload a photo with your winning catch to (live June 8). Our prizes include a catfishing trip on the Red River courtesy of City Cats (Todd Longley), a shorelunch prize pack valued at $500 from Manitoba Canola Growers and gift cards from Cabela’s.

Twitter Hashtag: #FishTales13

WHAT: Fish Tales Media Day 2013
WHERE: Selkirk Docks in Selkirk Park
WHEN: June 11, 7:30 am FISHING, 12:30 pm SHORELUNCH
WHY: To raise the profile of recreational fishing in Manitoba focusing on accessibility, diversity and conservation.

Please RSVP by June 5. Let me know if you can stay for lunch too.

Shel Zolkewich
Fish & Hunting Marketing Consultant, Travel Manitoba”

Early morning on the Red River, Manitoba


A SnoBear ice track vehicle “The ultimate Ice Fisherman’s dream”


Klass tackle supplied some great fishing gear.
Fisherman in Selkirk Manitoba



Catfish marked with orange tags, Manitoba


Sarah Zaharia has an Honorary Angling License


Launching a fishing boat on the Red River


Truck tire action shot in the water


An awesome Manitoba Fishing Boat




Launching a boat on the Red River


Cool kid in a Duck Dynasty shirt


Sarah Zaharia in her awesome girly Cabela’s camouflage hoodie with a sparkly heart and wings



A Manitoba Fisherman


Mike Koncan from Global News reports from the Red River


Fashion Icon, Ron Cantiveros, Filipino Journal


Fishing on the Red River, Manitoba


Sarah Zaharia brought her rubber boots



Our fishing guide for the day, Craig McGrath



Cruisin’ with Mercury and Alumacraft



The Paddlewheel Princess and Queen


Red River Shoreline, Selkirk Manitoba



The River Road Bridge, Selkirk Manitoba, a lift bridge.



“One cannot pass through the town without taking notice of the brightly painted blue lift bridge. A rumour began in 1911 that a bridge was being built to connect Selkirk and East Selkirk across the Red River. It was not until the Depression in the 1930s that the bridge finally began to take shape after the federal, provincial and municipal governments agreed to share the cost. The opening of the bridge was delayed for several years while the governments argued over funding for the maintenance costs. In the spring of 1937, the bridge had not yet opened and the river became impossible to cross. Meanwhile, the governments had quietly reached a settlement and planned an official opening of the bridge. Frustrated, Ed Maloney, a local resident took matters into his own hands and lowered the span by the manual crank to allow people to cross. [4] The bridge was in full use that day, only to be promptly closed by the government until the official opening only two days later. The bridge marks an interesting moment in the history of Selkirk and its development as a prairie town.”





Canada Geese in flight


Shimano Reel for catching Catfish


Red River Water churned up by the outboard motor



Red River Catfish like big prawns for bait




Freshwater Drum, Aplodinotus Grunniens, will just take the head off the bait and not strike the hook.


Manitoba Pelicans


The North end of the new Floodway expansion, Manitoba



Sarah catches a fish!


Red River catfish



Measuring a Red River Catfish


Sarah Zaharia catches a Catfish!


The Lockport Bridge, Manitoba




Manitoba Pelicans



The Gimli Airforce





I caught a big Catfish. Craig holds it up for me.


A Master Angler sized Catfish!



Leif Norman caught a giant Catfish on the Red River, photo by Sarah Zaharia



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