Fringe Media Times, July 17 2012

Day two (the last day) of the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival Media Times
Where fourteen different Fringe plays perform a two minute section of their show for the cameras…

“The Saints of British Rock” London UK Records Ltd


“The Ballad of Herbie Cox” > Sum of its Parts


“This Town” Found in New York Productions


“The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” District Theatre Collective


“Of Mice and Morro and Jasp” Morro and Jasp (My two favourite girl clowns”


Morro and Jasp get interviewed by Winnipeg Shaw Television


“Lulu: A Monster Tragedy” little ECHO theatre


“Afterlives” Surreal Soreal Theatre


“Afterlives” Surreal Soreal Theatre


“The Distance Between Trees” LineaR Productions


Erik de Waal


Erik de Waal


“Revolver 101” Resonator Theatrical


“the Good the Bad and the Stupid” Pi: the Physical Comedy Troupe


Pi: the Physical Comedy Troupe


Brett Howe, Fringe Photographer, with Wonderheads “Loon”


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