Fringe Media Times, July 16 2012

Winnipeg Fringe Festival Media Times

at the Gas Station Theatre

River and Osborne

This year there were only two half days of media performances.

In years past there were five whole days!

Not everyone got a chance to perform for the cameras, but it was better for us on the other sides of the cameras. (and the people on stage got more media attention)

Flatland Comedy (Meet me Here. I’m Metis”
“Cupid and Psyche” The Struts and Frets Players


“The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine” Inspired I Theatre


“Fresher, the musical” Winnipeg Studio Theatre


“Next” minute and a huff productions, Tracy Penner


“Flashback” Drive Dance


Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival Media Times. “Ton Frere/ Your Brother” Steak and Sushi Productions


“The Tempest” Knavish Hedgehog Productions


“Body Language” Hot Thespian Action


“The Darling Family” Broken Still Productions


“Against the Wall” Priairie Q Productions


“Leave the Radio on” Ten Thousand Wolves. Aaron Klassen and Barbara Adler


“Tales my Mother Never Told Me” Saucy Gal Productions


Outside Joke


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