Folk Fest, July 11 2013

I started early in the morn at the Fairmont to say Hi to the Transpo Crew and then headed out to the Campsite where the sun was hot hot hot!

Transpo Schedule


Folk Fest Volunteers like to modify their shirts


The General Store in the Folk Fest Campground


Capoeira in the Flaming Trollies Tent



Rambling Poet and Musician Drek Daa


Fris-Nok in the Folk Fest Campground


Star Wars Campsite



The Castle Boys brought a piano to their Barn


This year the Castle Boys built a barn in the Folk Fest Campground







A mast put up by some engineers from Thunder Bay


Matt the Bear Rug


Temporary Naked Lady Tattoo



Flash Vintage makes tattoo stamps for all


Relaxing in the Folk Fest Campground


Giant Scrabble




A well set up Campsite




Lorne Collie and his amazing one of a kind stringed instruments

In 1991 Lorne Collie was in a coma for 9 days and all the doctors were telling his wife that the end was near. But he survived, and woke up on the tenth day; and he calls it “recovering from a bad case of death”. So now he was bored. He beat the grim reaper but was forced to retire from being a “General Machinist” for a Mine in Lynn Lake. He had always liked and collected stringed instruments, so he decided to build one, from a shovel. Sounds like fun! He built more. Violins from hatchets, baseball bats and candy tins. Guitars from Pitchforks and Moose and Elk Antlers. And a Mandolin from a frying pan. A Panjolin?

His little trailer was set up in the parking lot and he was waiting to get into the Campground to share the sounds. He has been coming to the Folk Fest for four years and says he gets to meet the most amazing people that come by and try out his fantastical creations. That is the real joy he says. Hearing people make music and watching them ooh and ahh over the instruments. Hopefully he will be back next year and for many more, but in between Fests you could vist him in the little hamlet of Hilbre Manitoba. Our very own Canadian Harry Partch, Lorne Collie will gladly let you strum away on the Blue Shovel guitar but won’t sell it to you for any price. The real worth is in the music.

Violin made from a cookie tin


Moose Antler Electric Guitar made by Lorne Collie




Frying Pan Mandolin


Hatchet Violin


Leif Norman on the Shovel Guitar


Lorne Collie on the Baseball Bat Violin


Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers play for La Cuisine


The La Cuisine Drink Tent has AerVoid Thermal Liquid Carriers





Massive long line up for dinner


Ingrid Gatin serves up the Whales Tails





Matt Jenkins of Cloverdale Forge needed some more tent pegs; so he just busted out and made one!




Huge crowd at Folk Fest main stage



The Magnificent 7’s are “twiners” on the main stage


Devin Latimer, famous chemist and musician


The Dirty Catfish Brass Band entertains backstage



Pop up cuisine at the Folk Fest!





Greg “Rock and Roll” Rekus



Pay phones still exist and are useful!


The Folk Fest tries to protect nature


A worried looking Whip-or-Whill decided to nest in the middle of the Folk Fest








A friendly but yet un-named Fairy spotted in the beer tent


Ridely Bent spotted at the Folk Fest as a civilian





Campground Box Office







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