“Dying to be Thin” MTYP Oct 2013

“Dying to be Thin” By Linda A. Carson

Running Time: 60 minutes.

Touring November 4, 2013 – January 17, 2014     Grades 6 – 12

Our Touring Productions  “We come to you”

MTYP is committed to accessibility and inclusion for all young people, regardless of their geographical location or their socio-economic status. We believe live theatre develops healthy, creative, lively children. We bring creative content to schools that augment the curriculum and offer educators new ways to enhance their students’ learning.

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Amanda could be any one in your class. She is a regular teenager, and she hangs around with a good group of friends. Recently, Amanda’s grades have started to slip. She’s also started to miss school a lot. What’s going on with Amanda only happens behind a closed, locked door, so it may be hard to figure out. This extraordinary play manages to be funny as well as profoundly powerful and moving.

“This production was valid and handled effectively – no attempt was made to glamorize or shield the audience from the realities of bulimia. This play should be performed every year.” Earl Grey School

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Derek Aasland, Executive Producer

Linda A. Carson, Playwright

Heather Russell as Amanda in Dying to be Thin, MTYP


Heather Russell as Amanda in Dying to be Thin, MTYP


Heather Russell    “Amanda”


Krista Jackson. Director

Linda A. Carson. Playwright

Sol Desharnais.  Set and Costume  Designer

Bill Williams. Lighting Designer

Susan Chafe. Sound Designer

Jessica Freundl . Stage Manager

Keith Damboise . Stage Manager (extension)

Tatiana Carnevale. . . .ASI Mentorship


Laura Lindeblom. Production Manager

Curtis Cushnie. Technical Director

Diane Klisko. Head of Wardrobe

Samantha Harrison . Head of Properties

Eric Bosse. Venue Technician












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