Downtown Winnipeg Street Photography at Night, Jan 9 2012

A view of downtown Winnipeg at night from Graham and Smith Ave


The old Post office building on Graham Ave, Winnipeg


The back of 283 Garry street, Winnipeg


Frosty looking tree.


Tree shadows at night on Garry street


The Garrick Hotel and Bar, Winnipeg


The circular spiral car park on Garry street, Winnipeg


Maximum Height-6'9"


Looking south along Garry Street at about 291 Garry, just south of Portage Ave



View up at 254 Portage Ave, one of the cooler old buildings in Winnipeg


Downtown Winnipeg at night


Winnipeg's Dominion News. All the magazines you want, and even a few you don't! 262 Portage ave


Late night shopping



The Downtown BIZ's Downtown Watch and Outreach program deal with some bus shack shenanigans


Winnipeg's Downtown Outreach program deal with another local












There used to be a tree here



Portage Ave and Hargrave



Portage Ave and Carlton


The Portage Place Food Court






A nice black and white night time tree photograph, with a Winnipeg bus




Graham Ave at Kennedy looking West towards the Bay


The Parkade at the Medical Arts Building.













The green glow from 183 Kennedy street, Winnipeg


The Parkade at about 177 Kennedy street, Winnipeg


They shoved all the snow off the roof and it went splat in the back alley



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