Debbie Patterson promotional shoot for now (núna)

Sargent and Victor Avenue, Winnipeg.

Premiering at the now (nuna) festival in Iceland in the Fall of 2011, Debbie is working on a Theatre Script about this neighbourhood and the Wevel Cafe that used to be on the corner.

Debbie Patterson is a Winnipeg actor, director, playwright, and accordion player. 

“Sargent and Victor is created from a series of first person accounts gathered through interviews the playwright conducted with past and present residents of this iconic Winnipeg inter-section. Legendary as the heart of Winnipeg’s Icelandic community, the corner of Sargent and Victor has lately become known as a place of violent crime and ruthless street-gang activity.

Do we leave a shadow on the land after we move away? When our family homes become crack-houses, do we feel it? What remains of the loving attention we lavished on these homes? For decades, this little patch of Winnipeg has been a refuge for people fleeing conflict, famine and strife. Arriving from all over the world, they bring sorrow and hope in equal measure. When they leave, they take their hope with them, but the sorrow remains. How many salt tears can the land absorb?”

Debbie Patterson


Debbie Patterson






Debbie Patterson








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