Common Sense Holiday Cabaret, Dec 15 2013

“A COMEDY, MUSIC & IMPROV SMORGASBORD The jokes will be funny & the music will be good. There will be NO Artsy Fartsy BULLSH*T! A live variety show modelled after TV Variety shows of the 60s & 70s. It’s an entertaining mix of sketch comedy and music with some improv and weird novelty acts. Starring Joseph Common & The Dark Sisters, with The Former Mrs. Common & Little Joe Featuring The Talentless Lumps & The Macho Poo-Poo Choir & Many Musical and Comedy Guest Performers”


John B Lowe



Marina Stephenson-Kerr


Cory Wojick joins Marina and John


Erin McGrath, Sarah Constible and Trish Cooper




Süss on the Casio SA-10






Cory Wojick is a funny man



Yanin & Scott Cranwill as weirdo Icelandic Pop duo Pepparkakor





Alix Sobler explains Hanukkah to all us Goys





Winnipeg Jazz guitarist Greg Lowe



Ardyth Johnson as a cutie pah-tootie clown






The Macho Poo Poo choir







The Talentless Lumps






Tobias Hughes and Robyn Slade





Jane Testar


…and Andrea Del Campo






















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