Cluster Festival, March 12 2017

Air Loom

Sunday, March 12, 2017   Doors/Show: 7:30/8:00pm
Winnipeg Art Gallery   300 Memorial Blvd.

A piano, alone. 

“Everett Hopfner plays pieces that are personal testaments by living composers. These new works by Manitoban composers Heidi Ouellette, Luke Nickel, Diana McIntosh and Kristen Wachniak explore the acoustic manifestation of memories: physical items handed down generations, smoky jazz from a favourite novel, a wild climb…

Finally, Hopfner plays Hallstudie by Jörg Widmann, during which the piano becomes an extension of the player’s body. Every angle of the piano is considered, every surface struck, every string plucked, hammered, brushed and beaten… this is a tour-de-force.” From


A Paino, with additional sounds





Cluster Festival at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, March 2017



Pantone 18-1664 by Kristen Wachniak



Bring in more chairs!




Baldwin Piano and nice lamp




Everett Hopfner, Pianist


Composer Luke Nickel




Cluster Festival, Winnipeg 2017


Everett Hopfner plays “Oshima” by Luke Nickel






Everett Hopfner at Cluster Festival, Winnipeg



Composer Heidi Ouillette






“Heirloom” for piano by Heidi Oullette





Composer Kristen Wachniak



Composer Diana McIntosh




Pianist Everett Hopfner










Everett plays “Hallstudie” by Jörg Widmann