Cluster Festival, March 12 2016

Cluster Festival
Cluster Festival


Saturday, March 12, 2016
West End Cultural Centre, 586 Ellice Ave.
Doors/Show: 7:00/8:00pm

Cluster Festival takes to the West End Cultural Centre for the first time. 

“Jamie Oliviero, a prominent Manitoban storyteller, weaves a tale of the open prairie and developing technology. His story is cut, spliced, and interspersed with drone music and video by Winnipeg’s Rosa Reaper, The Gritty, Eliot Britton, jaymez, Montreal-based Matthew Schoen and Japan’s Reiko Yamada.”  From


Audiovisual work for broken accordions by Reiko Yamada



Winnipeg based video and projection artist jaymez



Brad of Strata Studios


Eliot Britton


Luke Nickel, Heidi Ouellette and Eliot Britton. Cluster Festival’s Directors




Sarah Kirsch – vocal performance


Reiko Yamada – accordion and voice


Jamie Oliviero – original story and narration



Rosa Reaper




Cluster Festival at the West End Cultural Centre, March 2016



Looking into the eye of the projector





Jamie Oliviero and Rosa Reaper


Sarah Kirsch and Reiko Yamada




Rosa Reaper


Matthew Schoen makes cool videos







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