Cluster Festival, April 3 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 10.38.34 PMMETATRON by Eliot Britton

Friday, April 3, 2015
Doors: 7:30pm, Show: 8:00pm
co-presented by GroundSwell

Metatron is a technological tour de force that rampages through the audible past. From 1920 to 2015, each movement explores a significant period in the progression of consumer music technology. Architek Percussion returns to Cluster in a virtuosic feature-length concert, finishing the 2015 festival not with a whimper, but a bang!

Featuring: Antiprism – Jennifer Bachynsky (Precursor Residency) // Residual Productivity – Fredrik Gran // Please rate the success of this call – Fjóla Evans (winner of GroundSwell’s 2014 Emerging Composers Competition) // Tempo Deluxe – Myriam Bleau & Architek Percussion // City? – a film by Patrick Saint-Denis // Metatron – Eliot Britton

Metatron by Eliot Britton


Architek Percussion getting ready to play

Architel Percussion is: Ben Duinker – Mark Morton – Ben Reimer – Alessandro Valiante

ARCHITEK PERCUSSION is a Montreal-based quartet specializing in the performance of experimental, minimalist, multi-disciplinary, and electroacoustic chamber music. Founded in early 2012, the quartet has quickly established itself as a dynamic force in Canada’s vibrant new music community; equally comfortable in performing classic repertoire and exploring new terrain through commissions and premieres. In addition to self-producing a concert series in Montreal, Architek Percussion has recently appeared as guests of Ottawa New Music Creators, live@CIRMMT, Innovations en Concert, Cluster Festival, and toured Canada’s maritime provinces. Appearances in 2014-15 include PASIC Focus Day (Indianapolis), New Music Edmonton, Codes d’Acces, Groundswell (Winnipeg),The Music Gallery (Toronto), and Scotia Festival of Music (Halifax).

Architek Percussion is committed to the development and presentation of new Canadian music. The quartet has premiered over 20 new works by composers such as Eliot Britton, Christos Hatzis, Nicole Lizée, and Lukas Ligeti. The quartet’s current repertoire reflects the cultural and stylistic diversity of North American contemporary music. Architek Percussion consists of Ben Duinker, Mark Morton, Ben Reimer, and Alessandro Valiante.

A packed house at Cluster Festival, April 2015
Architek Percussion
Vacuum cleaner musical instrument
Cluster Festival, Winnipeg, 2015
Patrick Saint-Denis
Musical score for Typewriter
Eliot Britton
Architek Percussion
New Music requires lots of cables…
Tempo Deluxe – Myriam Bleau & Architek Percussion
City? – a film by Patrick Saint-Denis
Impossible Architectures: Glitch, Decay and Structure in Digital Worlds March 27-29 and April 2-3, 2015 Urban Shaman Gallery Curated by mrghosty aka Skot Deeming and co-presented by Vector Festival 2015.
Impossible Architectures: Glitch, Decay and Structure in Digital Worlds March 27-29 and April 2-3, 2015 Urban Shaman Gallery Curated by mrghosty aka Skot Deeming and co-presented by Vector Festival 2015.
2015 Cluster New Music + Integrated Arts Festival, Winnipeg
Metatron – Eliot Britton

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