Circus of Objects, Feb 27 2013

Adhere and Deny Presents: The Circus of Objects
The Circus of Objects is a combination of cabaret and circus.
There is a profaneness in these art forms for Adhere And Deny to balance off its more sublime or meditative work.

The many props and puppets of Adhere and Deny Theatre
das gebiet von künstlern. the area of artists

The Telegram building, 70 Albert st, Winnipeg

Grant Guy opens the Circus of Objects by cutting a projection

Grant Guy finds the right card
Minor gets his head smoked like a hookah
Minor eats Crickets, Worms and a lightly killed mouse fetus.

Minor the one man freak show, piercing himself with many hypodermic needles

Chris Sabel enters with a large box and bottom

Chris Sabel, Winnipeg

Amy Blaze dances with the digital projection

Amy Blaze, kaleidoscope dancer, Winnipeg

Waving fans and fabric in front of a digital projector makes great colours

Winnipeg Author Dennis Cooley

Alex Elliot, Winnipeg Dancer

Alex Elliot
Scott Leroux, Winnipeg Showman and Organist

Scott Leaps the Organ

The Molotov’s play some music. Solman MacPherson, Arne MacPherson, Gislina Patterson, and Debbie Patterson
Gislina Patterson plays a tiny keyboard

Grant Guy, Adhere and Deny Theatre

Adhere and Deny: The Circus of Objects Full Body Show
February 27, 7 PM
Adhere And Deny’s pocket theatre on the 3rd Floor of 70 Albert Street
Admission is by donation.  Rush seating.
For more information telephone 204-804-9686.
In paying tribute to variety theatre, in all its shapes and forms, THE CIRCUS OF OBJECTS VIII EDITION will present an evening of live performances (puppetry, circus acts, theatre, music and dance) by The Molotovs, Amy Blaze, Minor, Alexandra Elliott, Dennis Cooley,
Mr. Maurice (Chris Sabel) and Freya Olafson.
With videos by Brian Longfield, Mia Von Leeuwen, Susan Chafe and jaymez.
There will be on exhibit performing objects by Erika Lincoln.
The artistic director of Adhere And Deny is Grant Guy.

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