Chain-Mail demo and more, August 3 2014

Gimli, Manitoba




Viking armour and shield demonstration



Loose links to make chain mail



Finished chain mail




The basic set of links to make chain mail


Chain mail can be made from electric fence wire, wrapped and clipped.





Viking good luck symbol jewelry,


Ragnar the trader, Vegvisir viking symbol



Horn drinking cup by Ragnar the trader



Mini oil burning lamps to attach to your bed post for reading the Viking sagas.




Kelly Wionzek, the Viking Merchant


Icelandic Vanilla and Almond extracts, by Katla




Icelandic Books by Robyn Shesterniak



Icelandic Scrabble


Peter John Buchan, Instructor in the Icelandic Department at the University of Manitoba


Icelandic superstitions



Ammas Kitchen has no Skyr





Flatland Coffee in Gimli, just opened June 5 2014



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