Canada Day in Osborne Village, Winnipeg, July 1 2012

The weather was great this Canada day in Winnipeg.

Almost so great that it was too hot to even walk around!

I walked around trying to get some good people shots, but without my supportive friend Trevor Marczylo I had little courage to stick a camera in people’s faces.

Canadian patriotism! A nice flag and some clouds


Nice light through the Canadian Flag.



The Manitoba Legislature, and some bicycles, Winnipeg


The Osborne Bridge is nearly finished, we hope



The Assiniboine River, Winnipeg



Blockbuster has shut down, Movie Village has downsized, is the internet killing movie rentals?


Osborne Village, Winnipeg, Canada Day 2012


Water guns and animal heads, Bizarre Winnipeg behaviour





Bike made from a gas canister


Super huge Jenga




Really big beer glass


Winnipeg summer fashions



Don’t keep girls in a Zoo!


Big crowds at Canada Day, Winnipeg


Bumming for change to get to Newfoundland. Optimistic hitchhikers, Winnipeg



Amethyst rock Crystal pipes; you guys will make a bong out of anything!




Canada Day in Winnipeg 2012 was very hot and sunny


Steam punk? Is that when Goths discovered brown?






The Stop Harper, Save Canada people were there, Winnipeg


American Apparel Girls, Winnipeg Canada


Another clever self portrait of Leif Norman



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