Bolludagur in Gimli, March 2 2014

“Bolludagur” is the first in a row of three peculiar Icelandic holidays. It roughly translates as “Cream Puff Day” in English. This is one of many Icelandic festivities that are overlooked by foreigners, so here’s a little something to inform you.

Without fail, Bolludagur falls on Monday, so the actual date changes every year. We’re not sure where this holiday originates from but it is believed that bakers from Denmark or Norway introduced this custom in the middle of the nineteenth century.

We hope you won’t think we’re a nation of total freaks after reading this, but according to tradition, children arm themselves with a “bolludagsvondur” (a wand specially bought or made for the occasion) on the Sunday before Bolludagur. When they wake up the following day, they creep into their parents’ room and spank them repeatedly while yelling “Bolla!” over and over again. For every blow received before getting out of bed, parents owe their children a cream puff with jam and chocolate.

Yes, this actually happens. A few Icelanders make their own puffs and a lot buy them at bakeries and grocery stores. You don’t necessarily have to spank or be spanked in order to deserve one. We urge you to take part in this old Icelandic tradition and get yourself a bolla on Bolludagur. This custom may be weird, but whoever thought of dedicating a whole day to eating and enjoying pastries must have been a genius.”



Icelandic Bollur ready to be filled with custard and cream.


Hundreds of Bollur for Bolludagur in Gimli





Icelandic Opal and Rock Crystal



Making up the fresh Chocolate sauce



Icelandic Consul General for Manitoba, Mr. Hjalmar W. Hannesson with a Bolluvond. Bolla Bolla!





The Gimli Kids make Bolluvondur






Sprinkle some Icing Sugar on those Bollur!


The kids are supposed to whack their parents with the Bolluvondur, but they ended up hitting each other.



Soffia and Sig help me translate some Icelandic into English


Buried Viking for Winterfest in Gimli



The snow banks were tall this winter in Gimli, Manitoba





Gimli Fishing Boats in Winter






Ice racing on Lake Winnipeg, Gimli


A collection of Lake Winnipeg Snowmobiles



Gimli, Buried deep in the Snow





Inside Tergesen’s General Store, Gimli




Wind sculpted snow west of Gimli, Manitoba





The wind pushes the prairie snow onto the highway





Wind blown snow looks like whipped cream, Manitoba



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