“Blowing Kisses” A new Dance Show by Paula Blair, June 25 2013

Blowing Kisses

A new show by Paula Blair

Blowing Kisses


Kevin McDonald; raconteur




Choreography by Paula Blair

 Blowing Kisses

conceived, created & choreographed by Paula Blair

June 25th & 26th, 2013

An Intimate IN Studio Show


Producer: Paula Blair

Production & Stage Manager: Nick Kowalchuk

Box Office: Treasure Waddell

Poster Design: Farrah Fernando

Photo: Leif Norman

Original Music by: Cam MacLean & Noah Wadephul

Video Projection: Brian Longfield

Additional Help:  Ian Phillips

Lots & Lots of Help: Kevin McDonald

Music in order as heard: 

Giya Kancheli – Themes from the songbook / Noah Wadephul / Cam MacLean / Giya Kancheli


This Show is dedicated to All of Those in our Dance Community

Who have been working, creating, rehearsing, sweating, presenting & dancing…through this last season in honour of Rachel Browne

…..who we miss so very much


Paige Lewis, Nicole Coppens and Helen Le Moullec Mancini; Winnipeg Dancers


Paula Blair; Blowing Kisses. June 2013. Amazing Modern Dance in Winnipeg







Winnipeg Dancer; Helene Le Moullec Mancini


Winnipeg Dancer, Robyn Thomson Kacki





Winnipeg B Boy Bob Veruela Jr.








Paige Lewis and Nicole









Winnipeg Dancer; Nicole Coppens




Paige Lewis, Helene Le Moullec Mancini and Robyn Kacki









Performed by:

Paula Blair

Nicole Coppens

Hélène Le Moullec Mancini

Paige Lewis

Robyn Thomson Kacki

Special Appearance by: BOOBJESTER 

Thank You Dancers for every last drop of sweat! It hasn’t gone unnoticed! I try to tell you how grateful I am all the time …but just know it is even more than that…your support & artistry means SO much to me….xo Paula

Winnipeg Dancer and Choreographer, Paula Blair








Nick Kowalchuk, Casimiro Nhussi, NAfro Dance Productions, Treasure Waddell , The Osborne Street Dance Club, The School of Contemporary Dancers, The Gas Station Arts Centre, Tannis Zimmer, Noah Wadephul, Cam MacLean, Ian Phillips, Farrah Fernando, Brian Longfield and Kevin McDonald

THANK YOU to Andrea Kraj for your lights & generosity!

Paula gratefully acknowledges the support of NAfro Dance












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