Betty Magazine 4th issue Launch Party, Dec 3 2011

Quite possible the only magazine in the World dedicated to skate boards and girls that ride them. i.e. it’s a girl skateboard mag. From Winnipeg!

It was a kickin party at Platform centre for photographic + digital arts, in the Artspace Building for the 4th Betty mag

From the Betty website:

“Betty Magazine is a Winnipeg-born skateboard magazine that rolled into production under the pressure of girl skateboarders who, like me, were in need of a bit of encouragement.

3rd Issue!! Click here to check it out!

Featuring female skateboarders from Canada, the States, South America and abroad, Betty Magazine aims to find those hidden gems. We also recognized that female surfers, BMXers, racers, snowboarders and women with the love for adrenaline add flavor to our underground culture and, fittingly have been added, with love, to the magazine.

Betty Skateboard Magazine aims to bring together like-minded women from all over to celebrate thier daring and unique lifestyles.

We are the cheering squad for all girls who love to play hard, skate brave and live well. We salute you!”

The Lobby of the Artspace building,100 Arthur street Winnipeg


Betty Magazine Winter 2011 Canada's first girls skateboard mag


Suzanne can't believe it!



Betty Magazine Winter 2011 Canada's first girls skateboard mag


DJ Mollyfi waits for the dancers to come




Two random Jets fans wandered in.


The party was amidst a contemporary African Photography show










A Betty rides all night long




DJ MollyFi makes the beats




Erin Châtelain (centre) Editor-in-Chief of Betty Magazine





A Winnipeg Party








not sure what's happening here





Betty Magazine Winter 2011 Canada's first girls skateboard mag









Platform centre for photographic and digital arts






































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