Bands vs Filmmakers II, West End Cultural Centre, May 31 2012

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“The Cinematheque should astonish all who can still be astonished in Winnipeg with its ceaselessly inventive film programming and dazzling array of visiting artists and speakers. To regularly attend the Cinematheque screenings is to have one’s faith in a transformative, life-enriching art form restored. The landscape of the medium is so much greater, so much more challenging and diverse than the parched, demoralized landscape of by-the-numbers moviemaking would suggest. For me, the Winnipeg Cinematheque is the jewel in the crown of the city’s vibrant arts scene. Let us all revel in its feast of light.”
George Toles (Film Professor, screenwriter, author)

After last year’s amazing concert and visual event in support of Cinematheque, the Winnipeg Film Group’s Cinematheque and WEST END CULTURAL CENTRE join forces again to present BANDS VS FILMMAKERS II.

With Winnipeg icon Sylvia Kuzyk as host, five of Winnipeg’s finest independent filmmakers present their film and video work live to accompany electrifying performances by five of Winnipeg’s hottest independent bands. Each artist will work individually with a particular band to create an incredible visual and musical experience. Filmmakers will project their work from the back of the hall which will be simultaneously screened behind each band’s performance.

The film and music mind melding experience begins at 8 PM on Thursday, May 31st, 2012. Bands vs. Filmmakers II. Featured bands include some of Winnipeg’s finest including Cannon Bros., Nova, Magnificent 7s, This Hisses, and SitDownTracy.

Each group is working with a different independent filmmaker including Danishka Esterhazy (acclaimed, award winning director of Black Field ), Curtis Wiebe(sculptor, puppeteer and filmmaking wizard) Stéphane Oystryk (Franco Manitoban rebel and independent artist), Rhayne Vermette (emerging independent filmmaker and participant in this year’s Mosaic Women’s Project which premieres in June) and Scott Fitzpatrick(an outstanding emerging visual artist who is breaking new ground in experimental film).

A silent auction of fabulous prizes includes a signed DVD copy of the cult classic A Clockwork Orange by British actor Malcolm McDowell, passes from the Winnipeg Folk Festival and Winnipeg Jazz Festival, signed copies of the Comedy Fest poster and Kids in the Hall film Brain Candy by comedian Kevin McDonald and lots more.

Winnipeg's West End Cultural Centre


Bike Valet, Winnipeg


West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg






The amazing Dave Barber, Winnipeg Film Group


Jason Hooper tries on my Purple Velvet jacket



Josh prepares the projectors


Film projectors, mirrors, and a disco ball; the ingenuity of Winnipeg artists


Winnipeg Experimental film maker, Scott Fitzpatrick






Dave Barber and Jason Hooper




Sylvia Kuzyk hosts the evening


Aaron Zeghers, of Sit Down Tracy






Rhayne Vermette's deconstructed grunge film textures



Rhayne Vermette's deconstructed grunge film textures



SitDownTracy at the West End Cultural Centre






Patrick Short of This Hisses


This Hisses; Julia Ryckman



This Hisses


JP Perron, ecstatic on the drums for This Hisses



Julia Ryckman; This Hisses, deadly Winnipeg band






Scott Fitxpatrick's film crazyness


Scott Fitxpatrick, in the movie sphere (excellent lens flare example)




Scott Fitxpatrick, in the movie sphere (another excellent lens flare example)


This Hisses, and Scott Fitzpatrick, Winnipeg's 2nd annual Bands Vs Filmmakers, at the West end Cultural Centre


Curtis Wiebe, filmmaker



The Magnificent 7s


Ida Sawabe: Bass fiddle/vocals, The Magnificent 7s


Matt Magura: Guitar/Vocals, the Magnificent 7's




David Nishikawa : Banjo/Dobro; TJ Blair: Guitar/Banjo/vocals, The Magnificent 7s




Winnipeg's dashing playboy, Rob Villar




Winnipeg's Cannon Bros.


Nova, backstage at the West End Cultural centre




Stephane Oystryk's visuals, behind Cannon Bros.







Cannon Bros.





The graffiti hallway in the basement of the West End cultural centre



Nova; Molly McCracken, Greg MacPherson, and Jackie Hogue




Winnipeg's Nova with Danishka Esterhazy's images


Molly McCracken, Nova




Greg MacPherson, Winnipeg's Nova






Nova; Greg MacPherson, with Lennard Taylor, in Danishka Esterhazy's film in the background



Nova; Jackie Hogue on the drums


The digital photographer in the front row




This Hisses, on vinyl at the mercy table!


Winnipeg's West End Cultural Centre


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