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Downtown BIZ Night Light Photo Walk, October 11 2017






















Trip to Ottawa, Sept 17 2017

A quick trip to Ottawa from Winnipeg to shoot some art in Senator Pat Bovey’s office. She is turning her corner of the East Block into a kind of Manitoban Embassy where art and culture are the language of diplomacy.

Ottawa man hole cover


Ghost sign in Ottawa on Bank street


Office blocks in Ottawa make a canyon feeling downtown


Ottawa pedestrian


Somerset House, 1896, Ottawa


Chamberlain House, 1894, Ottawa Victorian Mansion



Mid Century Modern Architecture, Ottawa, The Attache


The Rideau Canal, Ottawa




The Rideau Canal and The Fairmont Chateau Laurier, Ottawa



Laurier looking out over Ottawa


1812 war statue, Parliament Hill, Ottawa



Victorian High Gothic Architecture style, 1866, Ottawa East Block



The peace tower, Ottawa


Parliament Hill, Centre Block, built 196-1927. Gothic Revival style architecture



The wonderful old Library on Parliament Hill, 1876, Ottawa


Library of Parliament, Ottawa


PM Teresa May had just visited Ottawa, so there were Union Jacks all around.



Trip to Toronto then Iceland, Aug 29, 30, 2017

Heather and I went on a little jaunt to Toronto to visit my great aunt and uncle, who live near Hamilton, and see the many sights of the big city. Then on to Iceland!

Winnipeg airport early departure.


Obligatory photo of the airplane wing over Winnipeg


The waterfront tower in Burlington, Ontario


Union station train platform, Toronto



Very old letter in Icelandic in my family archives.
Toronto Union Station



Chinatown Spadina Toronto. Window Meat.


I love the dirty back alleys of Toronto




Kensington Market


Spadina Subway station


Very sleepy and tired on the subway




Random Toronto street dude with a Vegvisir Icelandic Sigil on the guitar


Experiments with the Canon 6D mark ll. It has a built in HDR blending mode which glitches on cars and people when they move. Very cool.



Dude stopped me on Queen street and asked for a quick headshot.


Old Honest Ed’s sign inside Mama Love You Vintage shop on Queen street, Toronto




The rooftops of Toronto


Galerie Voltaire, Toronto



200 King street West. Toronto



My old buddy Andrew at Foodbenders Ubereats, Toronto



The GO train at Aldershot station


Yummy beer. Hopbot IPA from HopCity.


Exchange BIZ, Tourism Winnipeg Photo Walk

Tourism Winnipeg, The Exchange district BIZ and Leif tour Winnipeg’s top Bloggers and Instagram stars (I think they are called Influencers now) around Winnipeg’s famous Exchange District looking for cool photos. We end up at Peg Beer Co for a lovely pint.

I was there to provide Photo inspiration, wisdom and tech support, but this crowd was very experienced and clever, so I’m not sure I added much to the proceedings.

Winnipeg’s top bloggers and Instagram Stars



Tyler and Riley from Tourism Winnipeg. Nick and Sabrina from Exchange BIZ.


Winnipeg’s Graffiti Alley




Hero Lighting on the rusty duct




Mike Peters and Kyle Schappert. Two excellent Winnipeg Photographers.


Dedicated Photographers will do anything to get the shot.



Winnipeg from the top of the Artspace building


An impromptu fashion shoot on the roof



Shooting against the sun at f22 makes nice flare stars



John Hirsch Alley has remnants of Edwardian loading docks. Winnipeg History


Noah Cormack. Winnipeg Photographer


Riley and Tyler
A whole bunch of photographers drinking beer. Thanks Tourism Winnipeg and Peg Beer Co.!

RM of Gimli, Centennial Marker, Aug 6 2017

Willow creek, by Highway nine. South of Gimli




R.M. of Gimli Centennial Marker. Historic Site.


Willow creek Canoe routes


Gimli Centennial Marker


RM of Gimli. Historical Highlights


St Regis Hotel, June 27 2017

St. Regis Hotel to close next month, ending 107-year run.

Hotel will be demolished to make way for eight-storey complex.


“One of the city’s oldest hotels — the 107-year-old St. Regis Hotel — will be closing next month as its owners prepare to demolish it and build a new parkade/retail complex on the Smith Street property.

Ontario-based Fortress Real Developments Inc. purchased the hotel and an adjacent parking lot from the city’s downtown development agency — CentreVenture Development Corp. — in 2015 with the intention of demolishing it and replacing it with an eight-storey parkade/office/retail complex.”


St Regis Winnipeg, Awesome vintage decorations.







The old bar. Where people drank and then went out into downtown Winnipeg to make trouble.


The Saint Regis Hotel Oak Room



The hotel has many crutches, walkers and wheelchairs that were left behind. Were the people miraculously cured?


Beautiful vintage wood and stained glass. St Regis Hotel, Winnipeg.



The St Regis Hotel Kitchen







The old front desk, St Regis Hotel.





The messy basement. St Regis Hotel, Winnipeg


In case of Emergency phone City Hydro; WHitehall 6-8341





Old Compressors and motors fill the basement of the St Regis


Bell Refrigerator Co. Winnipeg Manitoba






Vintage Boiler Room



The Linen Room




Mr Hanlon



St Regis Hotel Rooms



The Honeymoon Suite in the Saint Regis Hotel is called “The Retreat” and has a heart shaped tub with peeling red paint.







You can still see the old wooden moulding above the suspended ceiling




On the roof of the St Regis Hotel. A good view of the Winnipeg Skyline.







Downtown Winnipeg from the rooftops





The wheels at the top of the elevator shaft



The St Regis elevator shaft







The old beer delivery door

















Vintage photo of the Saint Regis Hotel, Winnipeg


Road Trip out West, May 12, 2017

A day in Edmonton.
Bookstores and Whyte Ave.

And a quick visit to Rutherford House.

We camped for a second night in Miquelon Lake and it was rather cold and rainy in the morning.

Selfie reflection in coffee


Interesting folded page book art. Wee Book Inn. Edmonton


Army Navy Surplus. Edmonton


Excellent Breakfast at Cafe Mosaic, Edmonton


Fine baseboards at Rutherford House, Edmonton. 1911


The Art Gallery of Alberta


Heather is also a Pawn Princess


Vintage Laundromat, Edmonton


BEER by Situation brewing


Photos are Samples. (What? Who is this for?)


Two Leifs. Leif Ingebritsen and Leif Norman.


Heather and the Alberta map in the tent



Strathcona Hotel, Edmonton. 1891. No Minors.



The Almanac in Edmonton. Tasty Food.


Kaleb just moved to Edmonton three weeks ago from Whitehorse and is now the front desk dude at the historic Strathcona Hotel built in 1891. He also lived in Old Crow, Yukon where a soda was $7 (!)


Rutherford House, Edmonton; built in 1911. Ron was telling us it was nearly torn down in the 1970’s. Before that it was a frat house. A fancy frat house!


Road Trip out West, May 11 2017

From Saskatoon through North Battleford, Lloydminster and on to Miquelon Lake by Edmonton.

Doukhobor Heritage in Canada. Near Langham Saskatchewan


Looking towards the North Saskatchewan River from Highway 16
Radisson Saskatchewan


Cool Vintage and Hardware shop in Radisson Saskatchewan

Vintage Magic Baking Powder painted sign
Radisson Saskatchewan


Vintage Car Collection

Famous Athlete and Runner, Hylke van der Wal. Radisson Saskatchewan
The Radisson Cafe is where everyone meets for coffee


Fort Battleford, 1876, James Walker
1885 Frog Lake uprising
Fort Battleford Saskatchewan


Fort Battleford Saskatchewan
The 4th meridian, otherwise known as the Alberta Saskatchewan border, runs right through Lloydminster.


Lloydminster, Saskatchewan side
A painting of the Battle of Batoche, by Larry More. In the Fred Light Museum, Fort Battleford Saskatchewan
Awesome vintage general store, Fred Light Museum


The History of St Vital School, Fred Light Museum
Fort Battleford, Fred Light Museum


Camping at Miquelon Lake Park. It’s a bit swampy and marshy around here so there were a lot of waterfowl, and mosquitoes.
Camping with a laptop

Road Trip out West, May 10 2017

We spend a day in Saskatoon, exploring this cool city, and of course looking at vinyl record shops and bookstores. Regina is OK, but come on, Saskatoon is tight.

Poached Breakfast Bistro, Saskatoon


Brad Kimball makes cool photos with drawings on them, Saskatoon


Nissan Micra, on the road


Excellent terra cotta art is Saskatoon by Victor Cicansky “The Old Working Class” 1978



The Sturdy Stone Building, Saskatoon. Very cool Architecture.


Photography by Adam Finn
Bosch Battery Coil, Peerless Motor Car


This might be Al Capone’s limousine car. A 1936 Pierce-Arrow Limousine at the Western Canadian Development Museum.


Painted rocks by the bridge, Saskatoon.


Vinyl Diner, design by Odelay, Saskatoon


Carson Murray from Pictou, Nova Scotia makes us some popcorn. He is camping all across Canada all May out of the back of his car, like we are. He has a business that turns Keurig Coffee cups into recycled materials and uses the coffee grounds to make lactic acid from fancy engineered biological organisms. Cool!


Leif Norman. Bathroom mirror selfie



The alleys of Saskatoon


Lobby of the Senator Hotel, Saskatoon





URAL motorcycle


Mariott Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon





Road Trip out West, May 9 2017

From Yorkton to Saskatoon, we found some great Ukrainian Churches in rural Saskatchewan and of course, barns.

Yorkton Campground


Loud Cowboy shirts, Yorkton



Saint Peter and Paul Ukrainian Church near Insinger Saskatchewan



Making coffee on an open flame


Gordon Howe Campground, Saskatoon


Saint Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, Yorkton



Design problem. There used to be a door here.


Gladstone Senior’s Residence, the older part, Yorkton



YDB Scoops, Yorkton


Yorkton Saskatchewan, in Black and White


Sidewalk Piano


Yorkton City Hall, Mid Century Modern


Doukhobor House in Yorkton Saskatchewan. 1932




Vintage graffiti carved in bricks. Carter, Lee, Earl, Melinda, Faye


29 Myrtle Ave, Yorkton


Side by side outhouse by Insinger Saskatchewan


Prairie landscape with old building and cloud.


Vintage Ukrainian Graveyard



Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church, Insinger Saskatchewan




Insinger Saskatchewan


Old Greek Orthodox Church, Insinger


Insinger Saskatchewan is nearly a ghost town


Abandoned building. Insinger Sask.


Falling down building, Insinger





Old building with sticks and mud in the walls for insulation. Very Pioneer Technique.



Pacific Evaporated Milk






Water Pan Jubilee Circulator



Foam Lake, Saskatchewan


Foam Lake, Saskatchewan


1949, Theodore Halyk, Foam Lake



Prairie Barn



No Smoking Allowed



Abandoned farm buildings, Saskatchewan


Abandoned farm buildings, Saskatchewan



Elfros Centennial Park


Icelandic Pioneer Memorial, by Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan


Vatnabyggd – The Lakes Settlement. Icelanders in Saskatchewan


Road Trip out West, May 8 2017

Heather and I loaded up our slightly used but new to us 2015 Nissan Micra for a big trip out to the Pacific Ocean.

The first day was Winnipeg to Yorkton with a stop in Neepawa on the way by.

A house on skids all by itself in a farmer’s field. Oakville Manitoba




We jammed a lot of camping gear in the back of the Micra



2015 Nissan Micra


The Yorkton Campground campsite



John A Davidson house. 1887. Neepawa Manitoba




awesome old mansion in Neepawa


Neepawa Manitoba



Neepawa Manitoba, Bamboo Chinese Food Restaurant


Neepawa Dollar Store


Cool vintage neon sign. Neepawa Press


William Penn Oils painted sign


William Penn Motor Oil, Vintage metal sign


Heidelberg printing press for sale. Neepawa Press.



FREE used photo chemicals



Tom from Neepawa


Vintage office interior, Neepawa


Vivian Motor Hotel, awesome vintage tile pattern


Owen shows us one of the old ways of printing the Neepawa Press


The Neepawa Press has been printing since May 18, 1896



Ken Waddell, who runs the Neepawa Press, shows us the newspaper archives


In the 1940’s advertisers bragged about sending cigarettes to the soldiers overseas!


Awesome boiler knobs and dials.Ken gave us a very thorough tour of the old Neepawa press building.


Vintage Mergenthaler Linotype Machine



The old basement darkroom


Restricted Darkroom, Treck Photographic


Vintage Paint cans


Help! Vintage Printing equipment.


Vote for Ken Waddell, a few years ago.


Winnipeg Comedy Festival, CBC Now or Never, April 5 2017

Hosted by the fabulous Trevor and Ify!

“What’s your big reveal?

On the very first Now or Never live show, recorded at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, hear storytellers muster up the courage to reveal something on stage for the very first time — from confessing to a theft to making a drag queen debut. Plus, live music from Begonia!”

Trevor Dineen: “in addition to co-hosting Now or Never, Trevor makes rush hour fun as the traffic reporter on Information Radio 89.3FM/990AM, CBC Manitoba’s flagship #1 morning show. And when he’s not guiding drivers through stalls and collisions, he’s bringing the laughs on Twitter and settling into a fun new chapter in life as Dad to baby Jack. Prior to joining CBC, Trevor worked at CityTV Winnipeg and hosted a style/fashion web series (obviously given his – self-described – glorious hair).”

Ify Chiwetelu
“This Nigerian-born, former Calgarian quit a job in the energy sector to pursue her creativity. In doing so, Ify Chiwetelu charted her own path to form a career as a stand-up comic, improv performer, and comedy writer. She has written articles for CBC Comedy and is a contributing writer for the upcoming Season 2 of CBC’s hit television show Baroness Von Sketch Show.”

“As part of our very first live episodeNow or Never put out a challenge to our listeners: what is something you need to reveal right now? That’s how we discovered Kevin Tan, a young Winnipegger who has struggled with bullying and drug addiction but is ready for his big reveal — the debut of his drag alter-ego, SlayTana. ”



CBC Radio’s Now or Never





Jane Testar warms up the crowd


Trevor Dineen And Ify Chiwetelu host CBC radio’s Now or Never



Trevor Dineen



Kevin Tan



Alexa Dirks of Begonia confesses a Meat Platter theft




Ify Chiwetelu



Martha Chaves plays guitar in public for the first time.







Sylvia Bucholtz plays piano live!



SlayTana struts the stage.



Winnipeg Comedy Festival, April 4 2017

Volunteer for the Winnipeg Comedy Festival!


Funny Lady Host Carole Cunningham


Ali Hassan



Spencer Adamus started doing stand-up comedy about a year ago. He has performed at various open mics all over Winnipeg, at the Winnipeg comedy showcase at The Park Theatre, and recently placed second in Rumor’s funniest person with a day job contest.



Rob Pue


Benji Rothman used to play chess. He was the Grade 1 Manitoba provincial chess champion. Now he does comedy, which is similar to chess in that soul-crushing failure awaits you at every turn. Comedy is different from chess in that chess is played on a board with stone or porcelain pieces, and comedy is most often performed on a stage by a person or people. Oh, and if Richard Pryor and Steve Martin had a baby, that would be a groundbreaking scientific event. K cool.



Martha Chaves



Tim Nutt


Winnipeg Comedy Festival, April 3 2017

The Winnipeg Comedy festival starts in the Millennium Library for one of the many free lunchtime shows. And then on to Jekyll and Hyde’s in Osborne Village for a late night; um, laugh party.

Winnipeg Comedy Festival in the Millennium Library fro a free lunchtime show.



Lara Rae shows the Comedy Festival on the Front page of the Metro


Jekyll and Hyde’s Freehouse.


Angie St. Mars is a comedian and sketch comic who has been accused of “lighting it all on fire!” with her tongue-in-cheek feminist-fueled wit and pocket blow torch. A relatively fresh player in the game, Angie first burst on to the scene in December, 2015 and she hasn’t slept since. She has been featured in TOKEN: Winnipeg’s Most Diverse Stand Up Show (2016), Chantel Marostica’s #TELLEMBOOBSBYE (2016), the Winnipeg Comedy Showcase (2017) and Empow(HER)ment: BAE NATION (2017).



Based in Winnipeg, Dan Verville is a comedian, writer and occasional media personality. Born in 1986 and entertaining his family since 1992, he now realizes he is slowly turning into his father.



Over the last four years, Andy Noble has been making a name for himself with his not too dirty, not too clean, but always honest, style of comedy. On any given night Andy can be seen performing all over Winnipeg, and has made multiple appearances at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival as well as the Oddblock Festival. In 2015, Andy won the Winnipeg’s funniest person with a day job contest at Rumors comedy club, where he is now a regular host. In addition to stand-up, Andy was a writer/actor for Shaw TV’s late night comedy show The Week Thus Far. With jokes on a wide range of topics and a laid back style Andy is sure to entertain crowds of all kinds.



Gerry “The Big Bear” Barrett is an Indigenous stand-up comedian based out of Winnipeg. In 2013 he performed at an Inaugural Ball for Barack Obama in Washington DC. So far there’s been no contact from Trump. Gerry is also an Elvis Presley Tribute Artist. He performs comedy and Elvis shows across North America. Gerry is currently pitching a Christmas screenplay to Hollywood movie producers.



Tim Nutt




Angie St Mars at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival


Comedian Rob Pue



Cluster Festival, March 12 2017

Air Loom

Sunday, March 12, 2017   Doors/Show: 7:30/8:00pm
Winnipeg Art Gallery   300 Memorial Blvd.

A piano, alone. 

“Everett Hopfner plays pieces that are personal testaments by living composers. These new works by Manitoban composers Heidi Ouellette, Luke Nickel, Diana McIntosh and Kristen Wachniak explore the acoustic manifestation of memories: physical items handed down generations, smoky jazz from a favourite novel, a wild climb…

Finally, Hopfner plays Hallstudie by Jörg Widmann, during which the piano becomes an extension of the player’s body. Every angle of the piano is considered, every surface struck, every string plucked, hammered, brushed and beaten… this is a tour-de-force.” From


A Paino, with additional sounds





Cluster Festival at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, March 2017



Pantone 18-1664 by Kristen Wachniak



Bring in more chairs!




Baldwin Piano and nice lamp




Everett Hopfner, Pianist


Composer Luke Nickel




Cluster Festival, Winnipeg 2017


Everett Hopfner plays “Oshima” by Luke Nickel






Everett Hopfner at Cluster Festival, Winnipeg



Composer Heidi Ouillette






“Heirloom” for piano by Heidi Oullette





Composer Kristen Wachniak



Composer Diana McIntosh




Pianist Everett Hopfner










Everett plays “Hallstudie” by Jörg Widmann










Cluster Festival, March 10 2017

Cluster Festival, March 10-18 2017

Consistent Partial Attention
Friday, March 10, 2017
Doors/Show: 7:30/8:00pm
Rachel Browne Theatre
211 Bannatyne Ave.
Two powerful examinations of contemporary culture:

“In Training is the Opposite, a singer performs a virtuosic boxing routine on stage, accompanied by a string quartet (Quatuor Bozzini). This short opera by Irish composer Jennifer Walshe features mezzo-soprano Laura Bowler, who was trained and choreographed specially for the role by Cathy “The Bitch” Brown, the former number three World Boxing Champion.

CPA (Consistent Partial Attention) is Freya Björg Olafson’s newest ensemble dance piece. It is a paradoxical meditation on what it means to be present in our contemporary screen-obsessed existence, featuring performers guided by found footage videos of dancers dancing in their homes.”   from

Cluster Festival, Winnipeg Manitoba
Click on photo to enlarge

(your name here)

Music composed by: Jennifer Walshe

Voice and Violin by: Laura Jayne Bowler

(your name here) Music composed by: Jennifer Walshe.  Voice and Violin by: Laura Jayne Bowler



Luke Nickel and Eliot Britton. Cluster Co-Directors. Heidi was feeling ill that night.




“Training is the Opposite” Music by Jennifer Walshe. Performed by Quatuor Bozzini and Laura Jayne Bowler




Quatuor Bozzini



Laura Jayne Bowler





Luke Nickel


CPA [Consistent Partial Attention]
CPA [Consistent Partial Attention]

“Developed through digital collage the CPA [Consistent Partial Attention] performance is guided by a video score of pre-existing / found Internet footage of individuals improvising in their homes.  The performers sight read the choreographic score by referencing diverse sources and monitors. While the performers have familiarity with the digital dances, they can never fully know their ‘choreography’. Thereby CPA sustains as an exercise in ‘nowness’; the performers engage as interfaces in act of realtime translation of data / movement vocabulary from the video score. Through the rich confluence of sources we experience dance as a vernacular, learned language, permeating and crossing communities, provoking consideration upon the evolution of dance in the age of the internet.”      from

Concept/Direction/Video Score: Freya Björg Olafson

Performed with Lise McMillan & Philippe Larouche

Technical Coordination: James Jansen

Costume Design: Wanda Farian

Lise McMillan





Philippe Larouche




Lise McMillan


Philippe Larouche








Freya Björg Olafson







Freya Björg Olafson



CPA [Consistent Partial Attention]





“ELLE” Prairie Theatre Exchange, Feb 22 2017

Adapted by Severn Thompson from the book by Douglas Glover
February 23, 2017 – March 12, 2017
Preview – February 22, 2017
An epic tale of survival from Canada’s distant past.
Based on a true story and adapted from the Governor General’s Award-winning novel, Elle chronicles the ordeals and adventures of a young French woman deliberately marooned on a desolate island off the coast of Newfoundland in 1542. Sometimes harrowing and often funny, Elle brilliantly reinvents the beginnings of this country’s narrative through bears (both real and spirit) and the embracing of one’s environment.

Running Time: 90 minutes, no intermission

A Theatre Passe Muraille production

Theatre Passe Muraille gratefully acknowledges the generous support of
TD Bank Group as National Tour Sponsor of ELLE.

“Severn Thompson…is absolutely captivating. (She) holds the audience’s attention in a vice grip with her precision, depth and hilarity. Her script is beautifully poetic, and she is a master of its delivery. Through her words and conviction, she creates a landscape and characters that were as vivid and clear as if they had been on stage with her.” – Mooney on Theatre

Bob Says: “This is a story unlike any I’ve ever seen, with an unusual narrative style illuminating a period in our country’s history that you don’t usually see onstage. This story, woven about a young woman on a barren island — the hardships she endures through the bleakness of winter and the positive relationship she establishes with the Indigenous man who teaches her to become part of the land– is perfect for the sesquicentennial of our country. Severn has done a beautiful job of adapting the Douglas Glover novel, and gives a deep and rich performance as the woman who faces incredible adversity and survives to tell the tale.



Starring: Jonathan Fisher and  Severn Thompson

Directed by Christine Brubaker
Dramaturgy by Christine Brubaker & Andy McKim
Production Design by Jennifer Goodman
Sound Design & Original Music by Lyon Smith
Movement by Viv Moore
Production Manager & Technical Director: Jason Golinsky
Tour Production Manager: Rebecca Vandevelde
Stage Manager: Sandy Plunkett

“Elle” Adapted by Severn Thompson from the book by Douglas Glover



Severn Thompson



Severn Thompson











Jonathan Fisher
















Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, Verge, Feb 9 2017


Featuring dancers:

Brett Owen

Alex Winters

Emma Beech

Kerry Saull

Shawn MacLaine

Alison Brooks

Trevor Pick

Ilse Torres-Orozco

Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers


Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers


Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers

As has become a tradition each year, I have shot Verge with a long exposure and experimented with motion blur to see how the dancers make shapes through the air.






contemporary dance; long exposure motion blur











Big Fun Festival, Jan 25 2017

“The Big Fun Festival is an annual, five day music festival showcasing multiple genres of music in several venues in downtown Winnipeg every January.   Using Winnipeg’s prairie winter as the backdrop, the festival showcases the best of Manitoba’s current and upcoming artists as well as some hand picked acts from across Canada.

Manitoba maintains a reputation for having a rich artistic community as well as a bitter winter.  The Big Fun Festival brings these two elements of our Province together to create an annual festival our city can be proud of.

The festival runs from Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon.  There are a variety of events taking place throughout the weekend in close proximity to each other so that festivalgoers can travel between the shows. . Shows on the same evening are staggered and are distinct in sound and delivery so that you can have many different experiences all in one Big Fun weekend.

Big Fun Productions is comprised of Winnipeg musicians and music lovers who are passionate about their city. Inspired by the layout of Pop Montreal, Sled Island and NXNE, Big Fun aims to create the same excitement within the music and art community in Winnipeg by hosting several events throughout the year.”


Opening night of the festival!

Jan 25, 2017 at The Ballroom, 218 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg

Formerly known as astre, Tansy celebrates all things noisy and beautiful, weaving haunting melodies through minimalist structures. Armed with loops, delays, and lots of reverb, her sound will echo through the ears and hearts of all who listen – and leave its ghost behind.

Hannah Epperson (New York, NY):
Armed with her violin, loop pedal and voice, sonic weaver Hannah Epperson arranges musical landscapes without indulgence or over-saturation. Simplistic, but never lacking, these earworms pulse back and forth from the base of your spine to the center of your mind.  As a stirring solo performer and talented collaborative artist, Epperson weaves a collection of songs that ensnare you in a soft and fantastical web that will have you wishing you never had to leave.

218 Roslyn Road
Le Petit Trianon, Winnipeg
Hannah Epperson at the Big Fun Festival, Winnipeg
Listen, Look, Shoot
The Ballroom, 218 Roslyn Road, Winnipeg
Michelle and Dwayne, Winnipeg Photographers
Hannah Epperson
Tansy (Kathryn Kerr)

Winter Research Series, Young Lungs Dance Exchange, Jan 16 2017


Since November three research teams have been each working in the studio investigating themes, methods, ideas, questions, approaches related to dance, movement and performance. YLDE is excited to invite the public into their work. You can take in the research via classes, showings, and an endnote discussion and essay presentation.

Click here to read the program


Brenda McLean

BRENDA McLEAN is a Winnipeg independent theatre artist, whose focus is on physical theatre performance and design. Recently Brenda has become very interested in Improvisation Dance Movement and Contact Improvisation Dance and how they can be used to create unconventional movement in theatrical performances. Brenda is interested in the combination of Contemporary Dance and Physical Theatre to create hybrid performance techniques with both text and movement. This last summer, she was one of the Choreographers in Company Link summer workshop where they created new choreography everyday with the focus on text and movement with dancers. Brenda is also the founding member of Theatre Incarnate, and The Talentless Lumps (an all female bouffon troupe).

Currently Researching…

McLean will research with contemporary dancer Ali Robson and mentor Grant Guy, the use of gesture in performance. How does one create gestures, what is gesture, how can it be used as a performance tool, how does one ask or direct gesture work from their performers? Many dancers and actors are asked to generate and create gestures in their performances with little to no training in it, we are going to investigate and train in this technique to better understand how we can use it best as a performance tool.

Chekhov’s Archetypal Gestures


Ali Robson working with gesture

Performer: Ali Robson is a dancer, teacher and choreographer who has been working since 2004 with artists across Canada including Karen Kuzak, Peter Bingham, Serge Bennathan, Tom Stroud, Treasure Waddell, Natasha Torres-Garner, Lesandra Dodson and with Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers. She works in both dance and theatre and teaches movement for actors at the University of Winnipeg as well as creative movement and contact improvisation throughout Winnipeg.

Mentor:  Grant Guy is a Winnipeg playwright, director, designer and writer. For seventeen years he was the artistic director of Adhere + Deny. He is currently establishing a new company, The Two Horses of Paladin.



Ali Robson. Long Exposure Dance Photography

JAIME BLACK is a Métis multidisciplinary artist based in Winnipeg. Perhaps best known for her pivotal work The REDress Project, an installation project addressing violence against Indigenous women and girls. Jaime’s art practice engages in themes of memory, identity, place and resistance.

   Currently Researching…  Jaime’s work is situated in an understanding of the body and the land as sources of historical and cultural knowledge and is centred around themes of memory, identity, place and resistance. She is interested in the body/land as sites of social and political struggle, sites of historical, and collective memory and as vulnerable and often contested spaces. She is interested in the ways in which we can re-establish agency and resilience through interactions between the land and the body.

Jaime Black




Lise McMiIlan and Jaime Black

Performer: Lise McMiIlan is a contemporary dance artist based in Manitoba.  She has performed and toured with several dance companies, and independent choreographers across Canada and abroad. Her own works have been presented by Young Lungs Dance Exchange and Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers.

Mentor: Leah Decter is an inter-media artist and scholar currently based in Winnipeg; Treaty 1 territory. Her work focuses on contested spaces, largely contending with histories and contemporary conditions of settler colonialism through a critical white settler lens. Decter’s work has been exhibited, presented and screened widely in Canada and internationally in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Malta, the Netherlands and India. She holds an MFA in New Media from Transart Institute (Berlin) and is in her final year of a PhD in Cultural Studies at Queens University (Kingston, Canada).

Jaime Black


Jill Groening helps put on the blindfold


Grant Guy discusses theatre and dance with Brenda and Ali




KRISTY JANVIER is from a small northern community in Canada called Flin Flon and is of Aboriginal (Dene), Irish, and Ukrainian decent. At the age of 18 she had an opportunity to work abroad as a performer in Japan. From there, her love of acting, dance, movement and exploring began. After two contracts in Tokyo and moving to California, Kristy embarked on two cruise ship contracts in the Caribbean before calling Hong Kong home for 8 years.  While in Hong Kong, Kristy began to search out new forms of movement including yoga, contact improvisation, Gaga and other somatic practices which lead to a Hong Kong-Netherlands exchange of artists and debuting her first choreography credit while working with Korean visual artist Soyoung Lee.  Upon returning Canada, Kristy has travelled to Toronto (Kaha:Wi Dance Theatre) and Vancouver (Raven Spirit Dance) to connect with contemporary Indigenous artists in the country. Her vision is to build bridges between the two worlds and filter this work up North. Inspired by all things in nature, Kristy continues to find new ways of connection and creativity.

CURRENTLY RESEARCHING… For Kristy’s research project, the theme is largely based on water looking at it from the views of bloodlines, the rivers through the province that were once the highway systems of our ancestors and what they are now, the fluids in the body and healing rituals for change. Bringing together three other dancers with Indigenous backgrounds to dialogue and explore movement together to create this dance.

Kristy Janvier



We wanted to collect water from the Red River, but it had just frozen last week, so we collected ice.



Leaving tobacco at the riverside


Lise and Jaime explore the space





A Round Dance occurred in Polo Park shopping mall on December 16th 2016 to raise awareness of water issues and to promote friendship





Round Dance in the shopping mall









Kristy Janvier

” Exploring space without leaving Earth. My feet have carried me to many place and in many ways. Using the soles of my feet as landing pads, I allow the grace of my breath to move my body throughout the environment. Upon my recent return to Canada, I have to come to explore my ancestral and Indigenous roots to discover how their feet have travelled these lands. I’m drawn to elements of nature, incorporating outdoors spaces. Through dance I’m able to step into the shoes that carry one into a world that cannot be expressed with words. ”


Rayanna Seymour (Hourie)


Performers: Rayanna Seymour (Hourie) is Anishinaabe from Naongashiing (Big Island), Treaty #3 Territory. Her parent’s are Lorraine Seymour and Raymond Hourie and she has 7 siblings. Today, she is in her second year of law school at Robson Hall, University of Manitoba. Seymour sits on a few Indigenous student groups and works part-time on Anishinaabe nibi Inaakonigewin (water law). Her goal is to continue on in graduate school and become a professor of law one day. One of her favourite activities—besides visiting with nieces and nephews—is dance. She grew up dancing in the pow-wow circle as a fancy shawl dancer, and then started dancing jingle in her teens and has recently picked up her shawl again, so now able to dance both. She also dances Zumba once a week to have some fun and release some stress from studies.

Emily Barker is in her second year of the Professional Program at the school of Contemporary dancers.  Recent work includes Laurier with Theatre New Brunswick and Confederation Centre of the Arts. Other training includes Toronto Dance Theatre, Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, Theatre at the University of Winnipeg, and a past member of the Urban Indigenous Theatre Company.

Lise McMiIlan is a contemporary dance artist based in Manitoba.  She has performed and toured with several dance companies, and independent choreographers across Canada and abroad. Her own works have been presented by Young Lungs Dance Exchange and Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers.



Yoga on the hardwood floor




Rayanna Seymour (Hourie), Kristy Janvier, Lise McMillan and Emily Barker





Feet and Stones and Hands








This just happened naturally. iPhone and Feather.







Kristy was using water as part of her piece. I placed a flash behind them to see how the light would go.




Emily and Rayanna




The remnants of dance on the floor.











Jaime and Lise






Kristy and Emily


Jamie Black








Jaime Black and Lise McMillan


KC Adams is a Canadian-born First Nations artist and art administrator.



Ali Robson






Cool Winnipegger, Grant Guy


Kristy Janvier with Emily Barker, Lise McMillan, Rayanna Seymour.




…and everything ended with a Round Dance




as though i had wings, Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, Dec 30 2016




i had



2nd floor -211 Bannatyne Ave

Inspired by the poetry of Jaik Josephson, the work and social activism of visual artist Keith Haring (silenced by AIDS in 1990) and the events of the AIDS plague, AS THOUGH I HAD WINGS is Brent Lott’s re ections on the equation SILENCE = DEATH; the rallying cry of ACT UP (AIDS COALITON TO UNLEASH POWER).

Dec 31st

Jan 5-8

Pre show music: Arthur Russell. silenced by AIDS 1992

choreography: BRENT LOTT

In collaboration with WCD dancers:


Brent is very grateful for the contributions made by all the artists who helped realize this production especially the dancers, jaymez, Dean Cowieson, Shirley Grierson and Jaik Josephson whose poetry inspired this work. He is also grateful to all those who gave him feedback throughout the creative process: Vanessa Macrae, Jaik Josephson, Faye Thomson, Gaile Hiley, Stephanie Ballard, Charlene Kulbaba, Paula Blair, Xemena Munos, D’Arcy Phillips, Chris Curpen and to the VERGE 2016 dancers Emma Beech, Jennifer Bonner, Samarah McRorie and Aaron Michael Paul who contributed much to the creative process.

original music composition SHIRLEY GRIERSON & WILL GRIERSON

live music ASHLEY AU video design jaymez lighting design DEAN COWIESON

poetry JAIK JOSEPHSON costume design ALEX ESPINOSA

I REALLY LOVED HAROLD melanie safka IF IT BE YOUR WILL leonard cohen

Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers
artistic director BRENT LOTT communications and administative director VANESSA MACRAE production manager/technical director JAMES JANSEN stage manager PAIGE LEWIS hang and strike crew MIGUEL FORTIER, HALEY MUMMER, JAMES THURMEIER photogragrapher LEIF NORMAN & FRED MCEVOY archival videographer KAYLA JEANSON marketing design CHRIS LEE

Special thanks to The School of Contemporary Dancers, Nafro, Grant Guy, The Peasant Cookery, Aaron Paul, Investors Group, The Canada Council for the Arts, The Manitoba Arts Council, The Winnipeg Arts Council, Investors Group, RMTC, Cercle Moliere, Masterworks Dance Studio + Royal Dance

Ashley Au


Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers











Choreography by Brent Lott




Jasmine Allard




Ashley Au on Double Bass







Brett Owen


Alexandra Winters


Jasmine Allard












Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers. Choreography by Brent Lott






Warren McLelland


Sam Penner




Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers




“Beautiful Man” Theatre Projects Manitoba, Nov 15 2016


NOVEMBER 17–27, 2016

Venue: Rachel Browne Theatre – 211 Bannatyne Avenue

Directed by Ardith Boxall

“Did you see that movie? That new one with the cop? Yes, with the cop, and she’s trying to catch a serial killer, yes, who takes men. Beautiful men. Beautiful naked men who end up dead in basements. And the cop watches TV. Yes, she watches a historical fantasy about an Amazon Queen with a harem of writhing man-slaves. And the queen from that show, she’s watching a play. Right, she’s watching a play.”

TV is better than ever and binge worthy shows like Game of Thrones, True Detective and House of Cards frequently pop into happy hour conversation and accompany us into the wee hours of the night.

Erin Shield’s asks a simple question in her sexy, no-holds-barred play Beautiful Man: What if? What if, in these shows, the roles were reversed?

“Searing and consistently hilarious” –Jordan Bimm


Playwright- Erin Shields

Director- Ardith Boxall

Featuring Sarah Constible, Andrea del Campo, Tracy Penner and David Arial as the Beautiful Man

Production Design- Linda Beech

Video and Lighting Design- jaymez

Costume Design- Angela Vaags

Sound Design- Davis Plett

Production Management- Steven Vande Vyvere

“Beautiful Man” by Erin Shields. Theatre Projects Manitoba


Tracy Penner, Sarah Constible, Andrea del Campo, and David Arial as the Beautiful Man









Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Nov 8 2016

Manitoba Chamber Orchestra with Andrew von Oyen
Manitoba Chamber Orchestra with Andrew von Oeyen

Manitoba Chamber Orchestra
Anne Manson, Music Director
Karl Stobbe, Concertmaster
Westminster United Church
8 November 2016

Anne Manson, conductor
Andrew von Oeyen, piano
Guy Few, trumpet

Christos Hatzis
Zeitgeist (Sprit of the Age)

Dmitri Shostakovich
Concerto in C Minor, for Piano, Trumpet and String Orchestra (Piano Concerto No. 1), Op. 35

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Symphony No. 29, in A Major, K 201

Concert sponsor / Pollard Banknote
Music Director sponsor / The Prolific Group
Concertmaster sponsor / Joel B. Cogan, BMO Nesbitt Burns
Piano sponsors / St. John’s Music and Yamaha Canada




Manitoba Chamber Orchestra



Anne Manson conducts the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra



Abstract Grand Piano Photograph



Shostakovich Concerto Opus 35



Pianist Andrew von Oeyen and Trumpeter Guy Few in the background



Guy Few: Trumpet, Piano, Corno


Andrew von Oeyen leans into the lower register


Winnipeg loves it’s Chamber Music
Guy Few, from a new angle


Andrew von Oeyen


The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra plays in Westminster United Church, Winnipeg



Andrew von Oeyen and Guy Few


An appreciative Chamber Music audience



Andrew lets the final note float away…


Local Winnipeg Music Celebrity Sarah Jo Kirsch talks to Guy Few




Inside Westminster United Church, Winnipeg



An impossible score to play by Vancouver Musician Andrew Fielding. It’s a musical joke!


The awesome Double Basses





Mozart Score



Conductor Anne Manson






Westminster United Church at night


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