Art and Soul at the WAG, Feb 23 2013

Art & Soul: One Hundred

Saturday, February 23 from 8pm to 2am

TICKET INFO as of Friday, Feb 22 4:00pm. A limited number of tickets are available at the WAG front desk. Online tickets are no longer available.

It’s the WAG’s Centennial and Art & Soul is celebrating the most memorable moments, iconic, personalities, and scandoulous events of the past 100 years. All four floors will be throbbing with live DJs and a vibrant social scene from every ear of the part century. Who will you come as?

Special New Membership Offer

Interested in becoming a WAG member? Thinking of renewing your lapsed membership? You can use your Art & Soul ticket to purchase an individual membership at 25% off. Just bring your Art & Soul ticket to the WAG’s front desk to redeem this offer. Offer expires March 31, 2013.

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 Sponsors; Birchwood BMW, EQ3





Lovely Cookies from the High Tea Bakery



Snazzy furniture from EQ3 at Art and Soul




Amazing Disco Ball lighting in the Gallery







Nice BMW by the front door of the WAG







Salvador Dali with flowers on his moustache




BMW 335i




Good times Red Bull party girls


Everyone loves playing twister!






Pretty girls at the Winnipeg Art Gallery party, Art and Soul 2013








Colonel Sanders was at the Party too!






Boy George chats with Pee Wee Herman


JT gets the photo!






Elmo showed up to the party a bit later





Art & Soul at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, it’s a great party!


Barbarella brought her futuristic space gun













Winnipeg band “Cash Grab” rocks the Winnipeg Art Gallery








Girl Party in the stairwell



DJ Hunnicut and DJ co-op spins the disks









A good party at the WAG











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