Alternative Folk Festival, August 3 2014

Icelandic Festival of Manitoba

Alternative Folk Festival – Gimli Park Main Stage
6 PM

Join us for the Islendingadagurinn Alternative Folk Festival – 6:00 pm to Midnight.  We try our best to have bands start in order, on the hour.

Park View apartments in Gimli Manitoba, August 2014


Lindy Vopnfjörd


Sindri Már Sigfússon, Sin Fang


Len and Karen Vopnfjörd, founding musicians of the Gimli Folk Festival, sing with their son Lindy


Gimli Park Main Stage





Brooke Palsson


Brooke Palsson is among Canada’s most talented up and coming singer/songwriters.With her soul soaked and soothing voice, complemented by her
own sense of style on the ukulele, Brooke’s veritable vocals are matched only by her passion for performing. As a young woman, barely in her twenties, Brooke is accomplished beyond her years. Known internationally for her work as a leading role in the HBO hit series, Less Than Kind, the Winnipeg native has created a presence in the entertainment world having been invited to influential showcases across North America.

















Consisting of guitarist Daníel Friðrik Böðvarsson, drummer Magnús Trygvason Eliassen, bassist & lead singer Andri Ólafsson, and keyboard player & lead singer Steingrímur Karl Teague, Moses Hightower has since its conception been plagued by being scattered across Europe, its members taking turns studying abroad. This is the first time Moses Hightower will be performing in New Iceland!

Moses Hightower









Brought up on icy Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba’s Icelandic community, Lindy Vopnfjörd shot to attention in 2007 with the success of Major Maker. In the years since, Lindy has embraced soaring landscapes and streams of consciousness about love and lost, working with a diverse and talented collective of musicians that includes Todor Kobakov and Thomas D’Arcy.

2014 has scene Lindy tour Iceland to great fanfare – playing Iceland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and numerous sold out shows. Welcome Lindy back home, this time with his full band!






Elliott Brood play Gimli Manitoba


Elliott BROOD have always been time travellers. The Toronto trio writes songs steeped in history that feel very present. They’ve done their share of actual travelling, too, these musical troubadours, acoustic guitars and banjos slung over their sharp suits as they barnstormed across Canada and beyond. For the new album Days Into Years it was century-old stories encountered an ocean away that brought them closest to home. On the band’s first European tour back in 2007 they found themselves driving through the backroads of France. Vocalist Mark Sasso, guitarist Casey Laforet and drummer Stephen Pitkin, all enthusiasts of military history, raised on the harrowing stories of Canadians in World War 1, were simply looking to avoid the toll highways. Then they came upon a sign for a WW1 military cemetery.

“We’d been driving through Belgium and France, always passing by these historical war places and we decided to pull over and take this one in,” recalls Mark. “We saw all these Canadian names, and it really resonated with us, these young guys that had gone off to war. I knew all about it from reading books, but when you actually visit a place where the battles were, it hits you a lot harder. We said, ‘We need to write a record about it.'” Days Into Years is Elliott BROOD’s third full-length recording, the follow-up to 2008’s Polaris Prize short-listed Mountain Meadows. Like its predecessors, including the 2004 debut EP Tin Type and 2006’s Juno-nominated Ambassador, it mines real history to connect songs that are deeply personal in a cinematic, narrative way. Unfolding like a series of movie scenes, it looks to the future by starting with the past. Opening track “Lindsay” invites you into process of revisiting one’s life while cleaning out an old family home. “If I Get Old” daydreams of making it through difficult times, be they in the trenches or a sickbed, and finding a nice place in the country to live out one’s final moments. Days Into Years presents these reflections as a celebration of life, particularly on the perfect summer single “Northern Air”, a love letter both to the rural Ontario landscape and the memory of a departed friend whose spirit now resides there.





Elliott Brood in Gimli Manitoba















A mixture of traditional Mexican Music and psychedelic Prog Rock touching down on Acid Jazz, Cumbia,  Funk ETC. An ominous mystical experience renouncing genres left and right., The band has crafted a soulful live show that includes contemporary dancing,  intricate Day of the dead make up and mariachi suits. It is dramatic,  explosive and it has been known to make people shake it on more than one occasion. , The band Released their Debut Album in November 2013 and the music has reached  Radio Stations in France,  the Netherlands,  Australia,  Mexico and is making it’s way through the college charts in Canada and Latin America. they are expected to play a number of festivals this year, closing with The “Day of the dead festival” in Melbourne Australia.


Mariachi Ghost in Gimli









The Mariachi Ghost






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