Alley Installations, September 17 2016

Winnipeg Design Festival 2016.

Sound + Space is an installation of live performance that will transform urban space with sound. Cellist Leanne Zacharias, curator of the project Music for Spaces, is known for reimagining both natural and built spaces – from riverbanks to stairwells – with sound and interactivity. In this piece, she brings musicians into an Exchange district alleyway.

Ariadne is an installation that awakens curiosity and entices passersby to enter a space that is otherwise perceived as dark and unsafe. The installation takes a counterintuitive approach of introducing veiling and opacities to counteract the mistaken belief that added light creates a safer space.

The name Ariadne is taken from a legend and alludes to the traditionally feminine craft of weaving and to the offering of safe passage through an intimidating space.   Organized by Caroline Inglis and Jaya Beange

“I like to play with architecture! It’s my favorite game.” (Jean Nouvel). 

Beachscape comes downtown through a hybrid between an urban sculpture and a game of beach volley. Three white volley nets form a triangle to breakdown the rules of volley, creating an opportunity for an alternate urban play. White volleyballs are spread around generously in the space, instigating an odd game situation. The project takes hints both from beach culture and sculpture but also from the children’s insistence to transform a hard urban surface into a playful landscape. The project brings architecture, urbanism, pop culture and art together to transform the urban space into a pleasurescape. Organized by Eduardo Aquino and Joe Kalturnyk

Sound + Space installation


Cellist Leanne Zacharias


Cellist Leanne Zacharias



Left Serves First





Ariadne, Winnipeg Design Festival, 2016





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