10x20x20, Sept 16 2016

Winnipeg September 2016, 10x20x20
Winnipeg September 2016, 10x20x20

Winnipeg Design Festival.

At this event, ten speakers present 20 slides, giving 20 seconds to each slide, to bring the local design community together to share ideas, projects, and design in a fun and informative social setting. Prepare to be inspired!

Started in 2008, 10 x 20 x 20 continues to be well received by the design community and the public. The diverse list of past presenters has included architects, artists, builders, industrial designers, historians, lmmakers, photographers and many more.

Join us for what is always a wild, entertaining and truly thought-provoking experience!

Organized by 10 x 20 x 20 committe – Travis Cooke, Jac Comeau,, KC McCormick, Tyler Lowen, Bobbi MacLennan, & Jaya Beange.








Graphic Design Mixer, 2016






10x20x20, Spet 16 2016, Winnipeg


Dora and Pablo


Aaron Pollock, MC



Will Belford



Steven Leyden Cochrane


Jill Sawatzky




Trevor Gil, Build Films
Trevor Gil, Build Films


Architect Verne Reimer, one of the founders of Ditchball



Gabrielle Funk


Jeffrey Forrest


Dean Syverson


Jacqueline Young


Alexander Mickelthwate


Stars and lens flares become prominent at very small apertures, f32









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